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Benefit from our experienced team of appraisers with over 75 years of combined knowledge in assest evaluation. We offer the following types of reports:

  • Fair market value assessments
  • Liquid value
  • Replacement cost evaluations
  • Going concern reports


Receive comprehensive reports which are very detailed and professionally written. We use a variety of tools to assist us in determining value, including:

  • Canadian black, grey and blue book
  • Online web guides
  • Auction reports
  • Previous experience and knowledge
  • Expert opinions in particular fields and manufacturers
  • Other auction results and industry specific publications


When performing an appraisal, we must consider all the factors that affect the value. These factors are addressed and explained in our reports:

  • Physical condition
  • Economic conditions
  • Market conditions
  • Published market guide assessments
  • Comparable in the market place
  • Obsolete or old technology
  • Seasonal conditions
  • Age of assets
  • Current demand

How It Works

To service the needs of trustees in bankruptcy, law firms, financial institutions, accounting firms and restructuring professionals, Jardine Auctioneers (appraisal division) is pleased to offer a full range of reports

Our appraisal services cover a wide variety of needs such as: Bankruptcies, Sale of Business, Succession, Divorce, Litigation, Insolvency, Donation and Insurance. Our team of appraisers specialize in Business Inventories, Personal Household Contents, Heavy Equipment, Farm & Agriculture Equipment, Recreational & Marine, Automotive, Mechanic & Repair Equipment as well as Transportation Assets.
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